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The 3MT Competition began in 2008 at the University of Queensland (Australia), one of our partner universities, and is now a well-known and highly regarded competition in which more than 900 universities in 85 countries participate. The goal of the competition is to refine students&#039; academic research, presentation, and research communication skills. It is an event that many people can enjoy because it requires students to explain their research in a way that can be understood by people outside their field of expertise so that more people can learn about their research. The winner of this competition will represent Kyushu University in the international competition held by the University of Queensland. Please come and watch the presentations and Q & A sessions of the 14 finalists! Target Current students and staff Dates 2022.07.26 [Tue] 13:30 – 16:00 Venue Off Campus Venue name Zoom Webinar Venue address Seating capacity 500 people, in order of arrival *Pre-registration required. Participation fee Free of charge Event details Date & Time: Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 1:30 p.m. start Method: Zoom webinar      Please access to the Kyushu University 3MT Competition web page.      (URL) https://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/intlweb/en/event/3mt_competition Contents: The 14 finalists who passed the preliminary rounds of the competition will show their presentation videos and have Q&A sessions to decide the award winners. Prof. Toshiyuki KONO (Executive Vice President, Kyushu University) Mr. Trevor HOLLOWAY (Consul-General of Australia in Osaka) Mr. Yasufumi HIRAI (Group Executive Vice President, CIO & CISO, Rakuten, Inc.) Prof. Lydia KAVANAGH (Deputy Associate Dean Academic, Faculty of Science, the University of Queensland) Ms. Mitsuyo UTSUGI (Managing Editor, Nature Digest, Nature Portfolio) Prof. Aya HAGISHIMA (Vice President, Professor, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University) Prof. Scott VALENTINE (Research Promotion Director, Q-AOS, Kyushu University) Prof. Natalie KONOMI (Professor, Global Strategies Office, Kyushu University) Prof.Kazuhiro NOGITA (Professor, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, the University of Queensland) 1 Timothee Redarce (Graduate School of Engineering) 2 Kentaro Yonemura (Graduate School of Mathematics) 3 HE YUEYUE (Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering) 4 Mary Mikhail (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences) 5 Mikiko Kudo (Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences) 6 Chi T. Q. Tran (Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences) 7 Tsukasa Ryu (Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences) 8 Teerapapa LUECHA (Graduate School of Design) 9 Yaya Yao (Graduate School of Design) 10 Makoto SAITO (Graduate School of Engineering) 11 Kojiro Kaneko (Graduate School of Science) 12 Alimzhan Kalbekov (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences) 13 Marly Orrego Morales (Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences) 14 Likhith Manjunatha (Graduate School of Engineering) Registration method Advanced registration required [Online] Registration period 2022.07.21 [Thu] – 2022.07.26 [Tue] Inquiries Name: KU 3MT TeamMail: intlsurvey★jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jpPlease replace ★ with @ Website https://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/intlweb/en/event/3mt_competition Publishing period 2022.07.21 [Thu] – Related data Tweet Back to the list TOP Events 2022 KU 3MT Competition Final Events Event Calendar Categories Public Seminar Lecture, etc. Exhibition Other Place Ito Campus Hakozaki Satellite Hospital Campus Chikushi Campus Ohashi Campus Beppu Campus Off Campus Year 2024 2023 2022 2021 Submit an Event [Staff Access Only] 九州大学Kyushu University744 Motooka Nishi-ku Fukuoka 819-0395 Contact Us | Visit Career Academics Disclaimer & Copyright Admissions News Privacy Policy Research Events Sitemap Campus Life About COPYRIGHT © KYUSHU UNIVERSITY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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